Emergency Management


City of Concord



 Concord Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2023

Public Information Meeting

Wednesday December 21, 2022 at 9:00 AM

Concord Fire Administration Training Room, 24 Horseshoe Pond Lane 

Or participants can join live on Zoom at

 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84850253485 .


All are invited to participate in person or online.


A link to the DRAFT plan is available below.



For more information, contact John Chisholm, Fire Chief & Emergency Management Coordinator, at 603.225.8650 or jchisholm@concordnh.gov.

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Emergency Management Information

The City Manager serves as the Emergency Management Director for the City of Concord. He is assisted in this duty by the Fire Chief, who serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator. The duties of Emergency Management include:

  • Working closely with the State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to coordinate preparedness, response, and recovery activities for disasters that affect the City.
  • Providing training and resources to the leadership team and employees of the City to assure that they are prepared to take effective action during an emergency.
  • Reviewing and updating hazard mitigation and emergency operations plans to reflect changing conditions and emerging trends.
  • Participating in training exercises with other City departments and with other agencies from throughout the state and region to assure a well-coordinated response to major emergencies.
  • Participating with the Capital Area Public Health Network to be prepared for public health emergencies, including infectious disease epidemics and mass sheltering in times of disaster.
  • Educating our citizens through social media, print and electronic news sources, live presentations, and other means on how to prepare for and respond to a disaster.
  • Maintaining a Community Emergency Response Team of citizens who understand how to prepare for a disaster and how to assist their neighbors and their community in preparation and response.