Fire Headquarters

Renovation Project

Concord Fire Headquarters is a small campus of three historic buildings that were renovated in cooperation with the Concord Historical Society in 2000. Formerly the 1894 Water Works buildings, the three buildings underwent restoration after being unoccupied for over a decade. Located at the corner of Horseshoe Pond Lane and North State Street, our communications center services 20 communities for emergency dispatch.

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A second building, which preserves the memory of its original use with masonry that faces the street stating "City Water-Works", now serves as a training facility for our firefighters and EMTs, as well as other city departments. A third building, once used as a garage, was beautifully renovated and repurposed to house the Fire Administration offices.

1888 Fire Alarm

Serving as a centerpiece of the Fire Headquarters campus is an 1888 bell. It served as the City of Concord fire alarm from 1888 to 1981 in the tower of our central station. As new technology arrived, it was removed from the tower and found its way to Conway, NH where it was discovered years later by one of our members. The bell was purchased by the Local 1045 and brought back home. It was donated back to the city and became a key feature of Fire Headquarters. The entire project received the distinguished 2001 NH Historic Preservation Achievement Award from the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance.