Central Station

Your Central Fire Station is home to the only staffed ladder company (Tower 1) and the battalion chief for the City of Concord. All other apparatus at Central Station are held in reserve status. These include Engine 6, Ladder 2, Rescue 1, and Boat 1. The battalion chief is the city-wide shift commander for all fire suppression companies. A battalion chief is on duty at all times, 7 days a week.

Central Station 2

Staffing and Our District

Tower 1 is staffed with one company officer and two firefighter / EMTs. Members of Tower 1 are trained and prepared to respond to fire, medical, and rescue emergencies. Tower 1 provides first due medical response in the area from Centre Street to Hillcrest Avenue and Fisk Road to Commercial Street. Tower 1 responds first due city-wide for incidents requiring fire and rescue capabilities.

The ladder company is responsible for search, rescue, and ventilation operations at fires. We mitigate hazards and conduct extrication, jaws of life, operations at motor vehicle accidents. Within our district, Tower 1 will respond to medical incidents to stabilize and assist with patient care while a transporting ambulance responds from either Station four, seven or five. Technical rescue disciplines include; rope rescue, confined space, ice rescue, trench rescue, and water emergencies. The ladder company responds on average to 1,915 emergencies a year.

Serving Our Community

The dedicated members of Central Station proudly serve the citizens of Concord. In addition to handling emergencies, the ladder company is involved in other programs. We assist with public education by providing station tours and giving in-school presentations. Other fire prevention duties include Knox Box maintenance and developing building pre-plans. During the winter months we are tasked with keeping the fire hydrants accessible. Members are responsible for station maintenance and routine checks on station systems. To assure readiness, the crew conducts daily, weekly, and monthly checks and maintenance on apparatus and equipment.

An Invitation

High quality service and safe operations would not be possible without year-round, continuous training. This includes all aspects of firefighting, medical services, hazardous materials, and many disciplines of technical rescue. The members of Tower 1 invite you to stop for a visit to see and learn more about your neighborhood fire station.

We would like to thank all of you who support and trust in the Concord Fire Department.

Captain Dave Dumas
Central Station
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