Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm & Traffic Division

Welcome to the City of Concord Fire Department’s Fire Alarm/Traffic Division. Staffed by the Fire Alarm Superintendent, the Fire Alarm/Traffic Division’s primary responsibility is to maintain the Municipal Fire Alarm System and city-owned traffic signals.

Some of the infrastructure for which the division is responsible includes the following:

Municipal Fire Alarm Cable Plant

Consists of aerial and underground cable, approximately 30 miles in length, attached to approximately 1,400 utility poles and connected to more than 650 master boxes and street boxes.


Signalized and Flashing Beacon Intersections

Opticom Intersection Control System:

Consists of emitters located in emergency vehicles and receivers located in all traffic signals.

School Zone Beacons and Radar Speed Advisory Signs

Standby Power Systems:

Consists of stationary generators at each fire station and an additional generator serving the Communications, Headquarters and Emergency Operations Center complex. The Communications Center also has a battery powered Universal Power Supply system which is capable of powering the entire building for several hours.

Knox-Box Key-Secure System:

Located in all fire department vehicles and stations, the Key-Secure devices are used to securely store the department’s Knox-Box keys while not in use.

City Owned Streetlights:

Although most streetlights are owned and maintained by Unitil, the City does own and maintain about 100 ornamental and traditional streetlights located on several bridges, at some intersections and in the downtown area.

Fiber Optic Cable Plant:

Over-lashed to the Municipal Fire Alarm Cable Plant, this system provides fiber optic network connectivity to all City buildings except for the Blossom Hill Cemetery office, which is connected by high speed DSL over the Municipal Alarm System Cable Plant.

Listed Agents

Do you want to become a Listed Agent in the City of Concord? We have programs for both property specific and city-wide Listed Agents. As listed in the Program Rules and Regulations (PDF), you will need to fill out an application and have it signed by the owner / manager of your company before submitting it to our Fire Alarm Superintendent for processing.

Inquiries can be made by sending an Email to our Fire Alarm Superintendent.

Regulations and Forms