Schools Surveys


Concord has a rich legacy of education buildings—a history that goes back into the early 19th century. At various times, there were major and minor construction campaigns to meet the ever-increasing student population.

  • The first major flurry of construction occurred during the late 1850s and into the late 1870s, in response to the dramatic growth caused by the arrival of the railroad. At least sixteen new schools were erected, most of which replaced overcrowded or outmoded wooden schoolhouses, in some instances with brick buildings.
  • Concord’s growth at the end of the nineteenth and into the twentieth century, fueled in large part by the city’s prosperous and varied industries, compelled a second building campaign that included eleven new schoolhouses within twenty-five years.
  • The period 1923-1942, when the city underwent a population bubble between the wars, saw the erection of yet six more schools.
  • During 2010 - 2011, the Concord School District moved forward with its consolidation plans for the City’s elementary schools, demolishing two schools and building new schools on the same sites, and discontinuing use of two other school buildings.

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