Interactive GIS Viewer

Interactive Maps Graphic

This is an interactive viewer to search, view, and print property maps and many other GIS data layers. Use the "Preset Maps" pane on the right to view a pre-defined map theme. Use the interactive tools to zoom in/out, pan, measure, select by shape, find abutters, etc. It takes 30 to 60 seconds for the server to create a high quality PDF map.

Contact Engineering Services Division at 603-225-8520 if you have questions regarding GIS data and maps.

Map Themes
Tax LotsProperty maps with assessing data - These are approximate location only and not survey quality! We have recently found areas on this map that needed to be corrected as much as 40 feet. The Engineering office does have survey quality plans for spot areas throughout the city. These plans can be view and copied at City Hall.
StreetsGeneral City map with landmarks, parks, schools, and street names
Land BaseInclude buildings, street pavement edge, parking areas, and sidewalks mapped from 2010 aerial imagery
ContoursCity map with contour lines (two-foot elevation interval developed from the 2000 aerial photos)
Voting WardsNeighborhood voting boundaries and polling locations for yards and house districts (City Council approved August 13, 2001)
SchoolsGeneral city map with school district boundaries and schools
ZoningZoning areas - City Council Adopted November 29, 2001. For information on what all the codes are, go to the Code of Ordinances Document and see "Article 28-2 Zoning Districts and Allowable Uses." Click on the yellow folders on the left of the page to see what's inside the folders.
Aerial Photos (Spring 2010)City-wide spring 2010 true color orthorectified aerial photos of six-inch resolution
Aerial Photos (Spring 2000)City-wide spring 2000 true color orthorectified aerial photos of one-foot resolution
Aerial Photos (Spring 2005)City-wide spring 2005 true color orthorectified aerial photos of one-foot resolution - This data set was acquired by NHDOT and can be purchased from NH GRANIT GIS Clearinghouse.