The Engineering Services Division provides quality, cost effective engineering services in support of public and private development projects. In addition, the division coordinates and provides a broad range of technical and engineering support to various City departments. All of these services encompass engineering, planning, design, project management, and construction management for municipal infrastructure and facilities, which are performed in a socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible manner and to high professional standards.

Contractors interested in obtaining Engineering Permits should apply as soon as possible noting that applications must be submitted in accordance with the City’s Permit Regulations. Permit applications and the regulations are available on the Engineering page of the City’s website at  Permit applications must be received a minimum of four days prior to the proposed work date. Once issued and approved, the permit term is valid for thirty days and the permit must be renewed before the end of the term, if the work is not complete within the 30 days. We ask that you submit your application and fee by mail or in a sealed envelope marked “Attention City Engineering Office” by placing it in the drop box in the main entrance of City Hall.  If the permit application includes large plans, use the table drop off at the Code Office at 37 Green Street.  It is also strongly encouraged that you email a scanned copy of the application to

Engineering permit application approvals may take up to 7 business days to process, so please submit them well in advance of you anticipated start date. Approval is contingent on receipt of payment.