Traffic and Transportation

The goal of the City of Concord is to have a complete multi-modal transportation system that serves residents, employees, visitors and businesses, and achieves the overarching goals of safety, economic vitality, enhanced quality of life, community health and environmental and fiscal sustainability. Planning, implementation and monitoring of these goals is a truly interdisciplinary effort coordinated by Engineering Services Division and involving professional staff from a number of city departments (General Services, Police, Fire, Planning and the school districts) as well as public oversight and participation via the Transportation Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) and related subcommittees (Bike & Pedestrian; Public Transportation and Traffic Operations).

Comprehensive Transportation Policy

The City of Concord proactively plans, designs, builds and operates its network of roads and streets to provide users of all ages and abilities with multiple choices of safe transportation modes (walking, bicycling, public transportation and motorized travel) – the so called “Complete Streets” initiative.

Policy Statement (6/2015) (PDF)
Resolution 8849 (6/2015) (PDF)

Comprehensive Transportation Policy Picture

Bicycle Friendly Community

Concord is proud to have been designated New Hampshire’s first “Bicycle Friendly Community” by the League of American Bicyclists in 2010.

Bicycle Friendly Community Sign

Transportation Policy Advisory Committee Accomplishments (2008 to present)

The Transportation Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) is pleased to report significant progress on traffic and transportation related matters throughout the City of Concord. The list below represents the efforts accomplished and underway, from TPAC’s inception in April 2008.

Complete Streets (PDF)
Pedestrians (PDF)
Bicycling (PDF)
Neighborhood Traffic Management (PDF)
Collector and Arterial Street Network (PDF)
Public Transportation (PDF)
Cooperation with State and Regional Agencies (PDF)
Partnering with Community Programs (PDF)

Traffic Circle

Traffic Management Policy

Concord’s Traffic Management Policy (2005) (PDF) provides a “toolbox” of traffic control measures that act to manage traffic volume and speeds, as well as the municipal and public process to consider and implement new measures.

STOP Sign Policy

Concord’s STOP Sign Policy (PDF) provides guidance for installation and use of STOP signs in accordance with the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD).

Traffic Management Class