Concord Fall Leaf Collection

Fall Leaf Graphic

Fall Leaf Collection is returning once again for the 2020 season with bulk leaf collection and bagged leaf collection. Find full program information, detailed maps, frequently asked questions, helpful videos, and more below.

Bulk Fall Leaf Collection

November 2, 2020 - December 11, 2020 (weather permitting)

Bulk leaf collection will start on November 2 and continue as weather permits through December 11. Be prepared for the weather. Snow may suspend bulk collection. Crews will do their best to resume bulk collection if possible if weather conditions change, but this cannot be guaranteed since this program is dependent upon the weather. Residents are encouraged to participate in our bagged collection program (more information below) to have guaranteed leaf collection. There is a limited time for crews to get through the city before the onset of winter. Due to this, crews can only come by once and work as weather permits, focusing on residential roads with drainage areas to keep the City’s storm water system clear. Crews will not return to a location already collected. Residents that elect to participate in bulk leaf collection are advised to have leaves to the curb by the start of the program to not miss collection. There is no set timeline for when crews will reach certain areas. Unpredictable leaf volumes and weather conditions make it not possible to know when areas will receive collection, so be ready!

Important COVID-19 Program Change:

In order for our crews to practice safe social distancing, traditional leaf vacuums will NOT be used for bulk leaf collection. Instead, crews will operate trackless leaf loaders. Residents that participate in bulk leaf collection are required to rake ALL leaves FULLY into the street (loose and unbagged) along the edge of the road or sidewalk for leaves to be reachable for collection. Please avoid piling leaves and keep leaves tight along the curb to keep streets clear. Avoid on-street parking Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. until collection is finished to not block access to leaves.

Watch a video demonstration below to see where to place your leaves along the edge of the road and to see how this year's bulk collection will look:

Crew Starting Locations

Our Highway and Utilities Division will have three crews starting at different areas of the city to perform bulk leaf collection. These three crews alternate their starting locations each year. Here are the starting locations for our crews this year:

1. Crew 1: Bow Town Line - North

Our first crew (south end) will start at the Bow town line this year and work north.

Leaf Map Crew One - South End 2020

2. Crew 2: Blossom Hill Cemetery - North

Our second crew (Penacook) will start at Blossom Hill Cemetery this year and work north.

Leaf Map Crew Two - Penacook 2020

3. Crew 3: Mountain Road - South

Our third crew (east side) will start on Mountain Road this year and work south on the east side of the Merrimack River.

Leaf Map Crew Three - East Side 2020

Fall Leaf Collection Maps

View our Fall Leaf Collection Crew Sector Map to see a full map outline of where our crews plan to collect. 

Once collection starts, our Fall Leaf Collection Map will be updated daily during the work week to display areas that crews have finished collecting. Please note that the map is not available in real time and is updated at the end of each day to display roads that have completed collection. The map can provide a general idea of the vicinity of crews (although the course of direction is subject to change). We do advise residents to have leaves ready at the curb by the start of the program so they are ready for when crews come by. It cannot be predicted when crews will reach certain areas. Zoom in on the map to the color-coded crew routes to view the dates of completed collection.

Veterans Day Collection

The only area that has a predetermined scheduled collection is the area around Concord High School in coordination with the Veterans Day holiday school closure. This area is scheduled for leaf collection on Veterans Day each year to minimize public disturbance and in consideration of public safety. The public is advised to please avoid parking next to leaf piles in this area on this day to not block our equipment from collecting leaves. As shown on the map below, streets outlined in yellow will receive bulk leaf collection on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Crews will resume collection in their previously designated areas after the holiday.

Veterans Day Leaf Collection Map

Bagged Fall Leaf Collection

November 23, 2020 - December 11, 2020

Bagged leaf collection will start on November 23 and continue through December 11, regardless of weather. Unlike bulk collection (which is weather dependent), snow will not suspend bagged leaf collection. However, to avoid leaves getting covered in snow it is important to still be prepared for weather and bag leaves early if necessary. 

Bagged leaves are collected by the City's trash and recycling vendor, Casella. Residents that receive curbside trash collection can elect to participate in bagged leaf collection. However, bagged leaf collection in the fall will not necessarily coincide with trash collection like it does in the spring due to variable leaf volumes at the curb. Leaves must be placed at the curb at the beginning of the week, regardless of your trash collection day. Leaves must be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. each Monday during the three weeks of bagged collection (Nov. 23, Nov. 30, & Dec. 7). Leaf collection may occur ahead or behind your trash collection, depending on the amount of leaves at the curb. This separate leaf collection will allow Casella to minimize any possible delays in trash collection and will maximize overall efficiency.

Bagged leaf collection requires all leaves to either be bagged in biodegradable yard waste bags (available at local retailers), placed in rigid containers labeled "leaves," or a combination of both. The three weeks of bagged collection will once again run simultaneously with the last weeks of bulk collection (weather depending), allowing residents to put out any remaining leaves before collection ends for the season. 

Residents are encouraged to participate in bagged leaf collection to guarantee collection. This is the third year for bagged fall leaf collection and it has been a great success! Bagged collection has added more predictability, more opportunity, and an alternative option with three separate guaranteed collections. Bagged collection will also provide an opportunity for residents to bag any leaves that our Highway and Utilities Division were not able to collect through bulk collection. Please remember that bulk collection occurs only once and crews will not return to areas already collected, so bagged collection is perfect to remove any remaining leaves. We encourage residents to consider bagging their leaves early to ensure leaves are ready ahead of the possibility of early snow. Please plan accordingly to the weather. This bag program is the perfect way to ensure all leaves have been collected before the leaf collection program comes to an end.

Drop-Off Leaves

Residents also have the option to also bring their leaves to a local farm or to Gelinas Excavation & Earth Recycling Center. Disposal is free at Gelinas Excavation & Earth Recycling Center if the load is smaller than a non-commercial pick-up truck. Brush, branches, and limbs can be dropped off separately for a nominal fee. Proof of residency is required. Loads must be 100% free of any unacceptable materials. Residents will be required to empty contents of bags or containers when disposing of leaves (bags or containers must be taken back with you). Visit for more information.

Additional Information

Only leaves will be collected. Branches, rocks, brush, and miscellaneous items will not be collected. Leaves collected are taken to several locations for composting. Subscribe to the General Services calendar or Notify Me to receive notifications of future Fall Leaf Collection dates and other important events.

Program Questions & Concerns

We realize our bulk leaf collection faces some challenges, including: collecting leaves too early from an area before all the leaves have fallen, having to suspend collection before reaching all residents due to the onset of winter weather, and the uncertainty of when collection will occur due to unpredictable leaf volumes and weather conditions. However, we know bulk collection provides convenience and is an appreciated program. Adding the bagged collection in 2018 added an additional service to address the challenges of bulk collection while providing more predictability and opportunity for residents to participate in leaf collection. Starting in 2019 crews in the south end joined the east side crew and Penacook crew in rotating their starting location each year for bulk collection. Now all three crews alternate where they start collecting leaves each year in order to provide a more fair collection for residents. 

2020 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Please view our updated FAQs for this season below: