Blue Bag Program

Concord General Services's Blue Bag Program is an initiative to help combat litter in the City of Concord's public right-of-way. Individuals, neighborhood groups, businesses, and civic organizations may perform litter collection duties for a chosen area. Concord General Services will coordinate to collect and properly dispose of the litter.

People Picking Up Trash Next to Road

Please adhere to the following steps of the Blue Bag Program:

1. Complete A Release Form

All participants must complete a release form and email it to Adam Clark, the Administration Division Manager. Please fill out the appropriate form depending on if collection will occur by an individual or a group.

Blue Bags Online Form
Individual Participant Release Form (PDF)
Group Participant Release Form (PDF)

2. Obtain Blue Bags

Blue bags are available for the purpose of this program. Volunteers should provide an estimate for the number of bags needed for the clean-up and come in to our office at 311 North State Street to pick them up.

3. Perform Litter Clean-Up

All bags must be left roadside so that they are accessible for our trash and recycling vendor to coordinate collection.

4. Notify Us

After your litter clean-up has been completed, please email Adam Clark the Administration Division Manager, with the location of the blue bags so collection can be coordinated.

Your efforts to help keep Concord green is sincerely appreciated. We encourage participants to take photos of their experience and to share them with us!