Capital Improvement Projects

Parks and Recreation Department - Capital Improvement Projects Updates

Please review the links for updates for several CIP projects. Each park also have ten year CIP's that are updated annually during the annual budget process. 

CIP 51 White Park
Multi Purpose Recreation Building at White Park(Skate House, funded in part with private donations)
New Monkey Around Playground
White Park Pond Restoration

CIP 52 Keach Park
FY23 Mini Soccer Pitch and LED lights - will open summer 2023
More information on what a mini soccer pitch is please visit:

Soccer mini Pitch Concept Keach Park Concord NH

CIP 55 Rolfe Park
FY22 Building six standalone pickleball courts $90,000 Completed
FY23 LED light upgrades - underway

CIP 56: Rollins Park
Rollins Park Tree replanting
FY22 Full renovation of basketball and tennis courts. $135,000 Completed
FY23 LED light upgrades - underway

CIP 59 Terrill Park
Terrill Master Park Design Park is fully designed and permitted

CIP60 Kiwanis Riverfront Park
FY23 Visioning Charlette 

CIP 443: City Wide Community Center
CIP 443 New Community Center

CIP528 Pocket Parks
FY22 Thompson Park make over - underway, finished summer 2023

CIP 557 Memorial Field Complex
Memorial Field Tennis Court Replacement

If you have questions on these projects please email David Gill, the Parks and Recreation Director.