Program Offerings

Programming with Concord Parks & Recreation

Concord Parks & Recreation provides an extensive variety of programs and classes to Concord and the surrounding communities. With daily access to parks, community centers, sports fields the Concord Parks & Recreation Department is able to tailor programs and classes to fit the needs and wants of a particular group. We offer programs for children 18 months old to adult. Each season brings a new offering of programs. Are programs include but not limited to youth team sports, language classes, music classes, exercise classes, dance class, arts & crafts, summer camps, cooking classes, art classes, cross country skiing and much more. 

New Program Idea? If you have an idea for a new program or you would like to teach a class please email Laura Bryant at

Please browse our ONLINE BROCHURES to find an activity that suits you. Should you not find what you’re looking for our experienced staff is open to program suggestions. Our brochures come out several times a year: March, May a

Youth Scholarship Fund

Annually the department awards youth scholarships to over 400 resident youth to help them take part in our camps and programs. Our goal is to never turn a child away due to family situation or income. Our ability to award youth scholarships is due in part to private donations from local businesses and people who are able to “pay in forward”.

Many people at the time of registering for a program contribute to the fund while others just send a check and include Youth Scholarship Fund in the memo section. All donations large or small help make a difference!

If you need assistance to allow your child to take part in one of our programs please fill out our youth scholarship and class registration form and staff will review. These are available under forms on our web site.


Parents and adults are requested to answer the following questions prior to taking part in any activity. We ask all participants to answer these questions as we offer programs for all ages - young children to senior citizens and our goal is to help keep everyone safe while enjoying our programs and classes. 

  • Have you or your child had fever (100.4 or above), cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea, or a rash in the last 5 days? 
  • Program participants and staff who answer yes to the above or have new/unexplained symptoms of COVID-19 should be kept home and tested for COVID-19 and must have a negative test result before coming back to program.

In the age of COVID, we're all used to this by now. We hope you will go with the flow and understand that no matter what happens, we will always error on the side of keeping all our program participants, staff and the public safe while presenting the best possible program for kids. 

For more information please contact us at 603-225-8690