Special Event Planning

Looking at hosting an event in one of our Parks?

The Concord Parks and Recreation Department has numerous locations to host your event. Each year we host several hundred events; from small family gatherings to large events that attract thousands of people.

Not sure were to start? Call us and schedule a meeting 603-225-8690 and ask to talk with John Andersch. We can review our parks and discuss your event. Depending on the size of your event you may just need a permit from us to secure a park, however larger events may require you to receive permits from other departments. Events require the organizer to pay for extra porta toilets, trash removal and/or our staff coverage. During the meeting we review everything and give you an estimated cost for your event.

Prior to the scheduled meeting with our staff we recommend you check visit our Parks Facilities Page were you can review parks, get an idea of some of our amenities and the locations of our parks. View rental information and park rental rates.

Recommended time line:

For small events with less than 75 people, are held 100% within a park and have no outside vendors (food etc) we recommend reserving a space within a park as soon as possible or at least four weeks prior to your event. Do not worry if you decided to plan your smaller event last minute - call and ask us what we have available as we will do our best to work some magic!

For larger events with an estimated attendance of 75 or more with a location partially within a park, may use city streets or host vendors (food, beer tent etc) we recommended starting the permitting process as soon as possible and no later than four months prior to your event. Larger events will require coordination meetings with several departments (mainly Code and Police/Fire Departments). Many of our larger events start the formal planning with us twelve months ahead of time.

Please contact our staff as soon as possible as you begin to plan your event as there are allot of details to work out as we can help review the process and fees etc. As example events over 75 people are required to provide your own porta toilets, take care of trash, if having food at your event permits may be needed by code. Some events like to hire City Parks staff to help with trash and event set up while larger events are required to have police detail onsite. 

Looking at hosting an event not in a City Park?

Please call the Code Division at 603-225-8580. Please contact them as soon as possible to review details of your event. Events that require road closures or large events that may require Police coverage it is recommended you start the permitting process at least four months prior to your event.