Parks & Fields

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Planning a family picnic, wedding, or maybe a company outing? The Concord Parks and Recreation Department would be happy to schedule your event in one of our City Parks. Click here for a complete list of our parks.

All leagues, sports camps and non profit groups are required to obtain a permit, pay approved fees and provide a certificate of insurance prior to using any City of Concord park. Please note: most of our athletic fields are booked months in advance and we work with existing leagues and organizations prior to adding new organizations. Click here for more rental information.

If you are looking to use State House Plaza, please contact the Code Division at 603-225-8580.

General Parks Rules:

  • Please carry in and carry out your trash. . 
  • No overnight parking allowed in parks
  • Permits are required for any organized event or game
  • The following parks have porta toliets:Rollins, Martin, Memorial Field, White, Keach, Merrill, Beaver Meadow and Rolfe.
  • Dog owners are required to have their dogs on a leash at all times when using a park.
  • Dog owners are required to "scoop the poop". Carry in –Carry out applies to furry domestics too, and dog owners are asked to bring a suitable bag for cleaning up after their dogs. Everybody loves our parks, but nobody likes having a park lined with dog waste 
  • No trash or dog waste bags in the porta jobs or the potties will have to go
  • No metal detecting in any city parks
  • No alcohol allowed in parks without written approval and permits issued by the City of Concord. Please note several parks per their deed are not allowed to host alcohol events.

Park users are asked and expected to follow the common practice of “Carry in-Carry out”—that is, whatever you carry in to the parks or trails, you should carry out, and any trash disposed of once you get home. You might think of it as crowdsourcing trash management, while avoiding having a smelly, overflowing trash bin that attracts vermin in our parksl.

West Street Autumn
Rollins Park Gazebo