Solicitor's Office


The City Solicitor provides legal services to the City Council and its various standing and ad hoc committees, to the boards and commissions of the City, and to the City Manager and department heads.

The City Solicitor represents the City in all matters in which it has an interest coming before any court, tribunal, quasi-judicial, or legislative body; and commences and prosecutes all actions and suits to be commenced by the City or any of its officers in their official capacity.

City Advocate of Legal Matters

The City Solicitor appears, defends, and advocates the rights or interests of the City in any suit or prosecution wherein any estate, right, privilege, ordinance, or act of the City; or any breach of state or ordinance; may be brought into question.

In addition, the City Solicitor reviews and comments upon all deeds, leases, contracts, and other legal interests tendered to him prior to their execution or acceptance, and renders legal opinions in all matters requested of him.