How do I register my vehicle if moving from another State?
If you are moving in from another state, please provide us with your original title (for vehicles who’s model years are 2000 or newer). If your title is held by a lien holder you will need your current registration, name and address of lien holder, and the current mileage on the vehicle.

For vehicles with a model year of 1999 or older you will need the out of state registration, and ONE of the following documents:

A. A valid title from any state.
B. A State of NH verification of VIN form (Form 19A) completed by the appropriate agency - NH law enforcement officer, NH State Inspection station, or NH dealer. This form verifies the vehicle identification for the vehicle and is available at City Hall.

You must have a Photo ID: A valid Driver's License, passport, or Military ID

You will also need two of the following:

Signed lease agreement, utility bill, bank account, payroll check, or signed letter from the person you are living with.

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