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Map 24: NH Audubon Society Trails

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  1. Walking trails

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The Trails

Forest Floor Trail (Red Markers):
This trail is a short, easy walk through a white pine forest. Wildflowers are abundant during the spring and summer. This trail begins behind the building by the raptor mews.

Hiking travel time: About 15 minutes
Distance: 0.4 miles
Level of Difficulty:

Great Turkey Pond Trail (Yellow Markers):
This trail leads you through a mixed hardwood forest to the shores of the Great Turkey Pond.
The pond offers opportunities for bird watching and is a breeding area and migration stopping
point for a variety of species.

Hiking travel time: About 55 minutes
Distance: 1.2 miles
Level of Difficulty:

Old Orchard Trail (Blue Markers):
This is a great trail for birding and leads you through a variety of habitats. The trail leads to an overlook of the open agricultural field and through a white pine forest and an old orchard. The trail then descends through a wet forest to the shores of the Great Turkey Pond. The trail merges with the Great Turkey Pond Trail, which returns to the Visitors’ Center.

Hiking travel time: About 45 minutes
Distance: 1.0 miles
Level of Difficulty: