Where do I go to pay a parking ticket?

You may pay for a parking ticket using any of the following options. Be sure to include your ticket or ticket # when making payment.

  • On-Line: Pay your parking ticket here. 
  • US Mail (use envelope provided with your ticket).  Checks must be payable to City of Concord
  • Phone: 1-888-455-2792
  • In Person at Concord Police Station (35 Green Street, Concord NH 03301)
  • Cash;
  • Check (payable to City of Concord)
  • Credit card (subject to additional 2.79% transaction fee)

    Appealing a Parking Ticket:  Appeals are handled by the Concord District Court. You must contact the Parking Division to have a hearing scheduled. Phone: 603-225-8640. Appeals cannot be made on citations that have been paid.
Online payment portal

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