CIP 628 - LED Streetlight Conversion Project

The City has partnered with Real Term Energy, Dagle Electrical Construction Corporation, and Unitil to replace all of Concord’s streetlights with LED light fixtures. Work will be completed in 3 phases beginning the week of July 18, 2021. Phase one will be an audit of all streetlights in the City. The audit will ensure all of the lights that the City is billed for are replaced. Phase two will be lighting design.  Phase 3 will be procurement and installation. Expect to see multiple Dagle Electrical crews throughout the City once installation begins in September.

LED light

Schedule (subject to change based on unforeseen conditions):

  • Phase 1 (Audit) – July 19 to August 12
  • Phase 2 (Design) – August 13 to September 2
  • Phase 3 (Procurement/Installation) – September 3 to December 1

If you have any questions or concerns please contact David Cedarholm, City Engineer, or Todd Welch, Project Manager, at 225-8520.