Public Properties

Concord General Services' Public Properties Division is responsible for the maintenance of City owned and public community facilities. Locations include the Municipal Complex (City Hall, City Auditorium, Police Headquarters, Concord Public Library, Penacook Library, Code Enforcement Office & Council Chambers), the COMF (Combined Operations Maintenance Facility), community centers, community swimming pools, park buildings, the Concord Municipal Airport, the Douglas N. Everett Arena, and more.

Responsibilities include preventative and corrective upkeep for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Additional tasks for maintenance include flooring, painting, interior cleaning, and other custodial duties. Public Properties also performs snow removal for public areas (including the Concord Municipal Airport) and oversees renovation projects for public facilities.

New Splash Pad at White Park

White Park Splash Pad

The original kiddie pool at the park has been replaced with a brand-new splash pad that features several splash and spray elements, including aquatic and floral ornaments, tumble buckets, surface sprays, and a mushroom raindrop refurbished from the previous pool. The upgrade will provide family-friendly fun for all ages for many years to come.

This is the fifth pool renovated in recent years as part of a multi-year commitment by the City of Concord to upgrade all of the City’s community swimming pools. Most recently completed was the pool at Merrill Park in 2021. Replacing the preexisting pool at White Park with a new splash pad extends the seasonal usability, requires less staffing, and offers a more inclusive recreational experience.  

Construction started in August of 2022 with the removal of the old pool. Concord General Services Public Properties Division worked with the H.L. Turner Group, South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas, Milestone Construction, Apex Enterprises, Tasker Landscaping, and Raymond’s Excavation to complete the renovations. The grand opening of the splash pad was on June 15, 2023.

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