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Lyford's History of Concord
"History of Concord, New Hampshire From the Original Grant in Seventeen Hundred and Twenty-Five to the Opening of the Twentieth Century"
Prepared Under the Supervision of the City History Commission,
James O. Lyford, Editor

Volume One
Authorized by the City Government January 14, 1896 and published in 1903.

General Narrative
  • Chapter 1 Scene of the History.  Aboriginal Occupation
  • Chapter 2 Events Leading to English Occupation.  Grant of the Plantation of Penacook.
  • Chapter 3 Part 1 Plantation of Penacook.  Transition to the Township of Rumford.
  • Chapter 3 Part 2 
  • Chapter 4 Town of Rumford.  Falls within Jurisdiction of New Hampshire.
  • Chapter 5 District of Rumford.  King George's War and Its Indian Hostilities.
  • Chapter 6 Rumford neither Town nor District.  Bow Controversy and Matters connected therewith.  Colonization by Concord Settlers.
  • Chapter 7 Last French and Indian War.  Rumford becomes Concord, a Parish of Bow.
  • Chapter 8 Part 1 Parish of Concord.  Period of the American Revolution.
  • Chapter 8 Part 2 
  • Chapter 9 Town of Concord.  Post Revolutionary Events.  Constitution of the United States.  Revised State Constitution.  Town Affairs and Progress.
  • Chapter 10 Part 1 Town of Concord.  Early Events of the New Century.  Becomes the Capital of the State.  War of 1812.  Other Facts of the Period.
  • Chapter 10 Part 2 
  • Chapter 11 Town of Concord.  The State House Erected.  Toleration Act.  Merrimack County Formed.  Other Events.
  • Chapter 12 Part 1 Town of Concord.  Temperance Reform.  Religious, Social, Intellectual, and Material Progress.  Catholic-Irish Immigration.  Political Events.  City Charter Adopted.
  • Chapter 12 Part 2 
  • Chapter 13 Part 1 City of Concord.  New Government in Operation.  City and County Building.  Public Library.  The Prohibitory Law.  Progress in Various Departments.  Ante-War Politics.
  • Chapter 13 Part 2 
  • Chapter 14 Part 1 City of Concord.  Period of the Civil War. 
  • Chapter 14 Part 2 
  • Chapter 15 City of Concord.  After the War.  Important Means Adopted whereby the General Advantage of the Community was Subserved.
  • Chapter 16 Part 1 City of Concord, 1880 to 1900.  Two Decades of Progress.  Topics, old and new, treated to Conclusion.
  • Chapter 16 Part 2 
  • Chapter 17 Part 1 Material Development
  • Chapter 17 Part 2
  • Chapter 18 Weather Record: From 1856 to 1900 Inclusive
  • Chapter 19 Appendix:  The Governor's Horse Guards

Volume Two

Lyford Meeting House

Lyford Penacook

Lyford Police Station

Penacook Grammar School

Fowler Library

Soldier Memorial