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1. Does the Concord Police Department have a preference for certified or lateral police candidates?
2. How old do I need to be to apply to be a police officer?
3. Do you award veteran points or have a veteran preference?
4. Is there a residency requirement for police officers?
5. Are you flexible on the police officer minimum qualifications?
6. The minimum qualifications for police officer state that “A bachelor’s degree is desirable”. How does that impact the selection process?
7. Are you flexible on the police officer tattoo policy?
8. If I fail the written exam or physical test, will there be an opportunity for a retest?
9. I passed a written test and physical test for another police department. Will you accept the results in your process?
10. What will I be tested on in the written exam for police officer?
11. What is the minimum score I need to achieve on the written exam for police officer?
12. I’ve already had a background check for employment or a secret military clearance, do you still have to do a background?
13. How long does the entire hiring process take?
14. How do you rank candidates for your eligibility list?
15. If I have additional questions, can I call?
16. Do I have to take a polygraph?
17. What are your minimum qualifications for a police officer?