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1. What is the maximum height for a porch floor before you need railings? I have been told 24 inches and 30 inches.
2. I want to build an addition. What do I need to do?
3. I want to install/build a shed. Do I need a Building Permit?
4. I want to build a garage. What do I have to do?
5. I want to turn my deck into a porch. What do I need?
6. I want to turn my screened porch into living space. Do I need a permit?
7. I want to finish off my basement. Do I need a permit?
8. I am interested in purchasing a mobile home in Concord and was wondering what the restrictions regarding doing an addition on a mobile home located in a park were?
9. What fire rating do I need for the entry doors from the garage to the house? I have seen 20, 45, 60 and 90 minute ratings.