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The New Hampshire Astronomical Society began donating telescopes to libraries in 2008.  From two libraries, the program has grown to include 96 different libraries, with more expected.  NHAS has donated these telescopes in order to "help foster scientific literacy, stimulate an interest in astronomy, and provide people who have never looked through a telescope the chance to experience the excitement that comes from discovery."  We're very excited to have our telescope, which we've named Stella, in our library!  For more details on the choice of telescope and technical specifications, click here.

Using the telescope
New Hampshire's Library Telescope Program offers a great visual demonstration of how to use Stella!

Want to check out constellations before or after you borrow the telescope?  See Stellarium for ideas and advice on what to look for!

Reserving the telescope
To reserve CPL's telescope, click here and place a hold as you would normally do for a book.  You must review and sign a telescope borrowing agreement form each time you borrow the telescope.  You can download the form at home and print it out, or pick up a copy at the library.

Borrowing agreement
Patrons must be 18 years old with a Concord Public Library card in good standing.  The telescope may be borrowed for 1 week and may be renewed once if there is no waiting list.  The patron is responsible for reading and following the telescope's instruction manual, including buckling the telescope into transportation with a seatbelt to stabilize and secure it. 

Patrons must return the telescope and all accompanying materials to the library in good condition.  When borrowing the telescope, patrons accept full financial responsibility for the telescope and accessories while in their possession and understand that they shall be responsible for all costs up to $500.00 associated with damage to, loss of or theft of the telescope during the period it is checked out.  The replacement fee for the telescope is $500.00.  The condition of the returned telescope will be determined by the staff of CPL. 

The overdue fine for the telescope is $7.50/day, and if the telescope is not returned within 28 days the borrower will be charged $500.  Patrons must return the telescope to CPL during main library hours inside the library by handing it to a library staff member.  Please be aware that the library staff must check multiple aspects of the telescope before accepting it back, and budget returning time accordingly.  All contents of the telescope package must be present for the item to be considered returned.  Failure to comply with any of the rules and guidelines listed in the Telescope Borrowing Agreement will result in the patron losing borrowing privileges to the telescope.  Patrons agree to assume all risks with use of the telescope and not to hold CPL liable for any damages to patrons or others as a result of telescope use.