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CPL Book Club
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Interested in learning about new books but don't have time to read every month?  Check out our no-pressure book club!
We meet at True Brew Barista the first Wednesday of every month and discuss what we've been reading, listen to other members' recommendations, and share suggestions in our newsletter.  For more info, check out our Facebook groups or Calendar!

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Penacook Adult Book Club
The Penacook Branch has its own book club! The Penacook Adult Book Club meets on the first floor of the Penacook Branch Library.  For more information, please call the branch at (603) 753-4441.

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In addition to our exciting book clubs, we have resources for those that are interested in creating their own book clubs! Check out these ready-made book club kits, complete with enough copies to get your group going!  (Sponsored by a grant from Concord Public Library Foundation.)
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