How do I apply for assistance?
Eligibility cannot be determined over the telephone. Please come in person to our office to complete a one page form so that we can assess your situation, make any appropriate referrals and give you an application and any other necessary forms. You will be given an appointment to return with your completed application and verifications to review your eligibility with a caseworker. Please call our office @ 603-225-8575 with any questions or if special circumstances prevent you from coming in person during our normal business hours.

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1. What is Concord Human Services?
2. How do I apply for food stamps, Medicaid, TANF or child care assistance?
3. What does Concord Human Services provide?
4. How do I apply for assistance?
5. What information do I need?
6. How long is the application process?
7. How do I apply for housing?