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Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program 
The following is the Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015) budget for the City of Concord, New Hampshire, as adopted by City Council on June 5, 2014.  View the budgetary opportunities and challenges in the 2015 Transmittal Letter.

Budget Summary

Subject Page
Budget Summary i-xxi
Summary of Revenue - All Funds i
Summary of Appropriations by Account Classification  ii
Summary of Appropriations by Fund iii
Staffing Summary - All Funds iv
Introduction / City Budget Structure and Process Explained v
Budget Resolution viii
Bonded Projects Resolution xiii
Bonded Project Listing (Worksheet 1) xv
Budget Appropriation Category Descriptions xvii
Glossary xix

General Fund 
Subject Page
Revenues / General Fund 1-11
Expenditures / General Fund 1-41

Subject Page
Administration - Appropriation and Staffing Summary N/A
City Manager  2
Legal 3
Assessing 4
Human Resources 5
Finance Management and Budget 6
Finance Accounting 7
Finance Treasury 8
Finance Audit 9
Finance Purchasing 10
Information Technology 11
City Council  12
City Clerk Records 13
City Clerk Elections 14

Public Safety
Subject Page
Public Safety - Appropriation and Staffing Summary 15
Police 16
Fire 17

General Services
Subject Page
General Services - Appropriation and Staffing Summary 18
  • Solid Waste Transfer
Highways and Utility Systems 
  • Highway Maintenance
  • Snow and Ice Control                                     
Public Properties
  • Property Maintenance                               
Vehicle Maintenance 22

Community Development
Subject Page
Community Development - Appropriation and Staffing Summary 23
Community Development Administration 24
Community Planning 25
Building and Code Services 26
Engineering Services 27
Conservation Commission 28
Forestry 29

Leisure Services
Subject Page
Leisure Services - Appropriation and Staffing Summary 30
Library 31
Parks and Recreation - Admin 32
Parks and Recreation - Grounds 33

Human / Social Services
Subject Page
Human Services - Appropriation and Staffing Summary  34
Human Services 35
Welfare Aid 36
Social Service Agencies 37

Subject Page
Miscellaneous - Appropriation Summary 38
  • Street Lighting
  • Insurances and Loss Reserve
  • Compensation Increases & Retiree Health Benefits
  • Building & Code Services
  • Citywide Dues and Memberships
  • Performance Improvement Program
  • Miscellaneous and Contingency
  • Cable TV
  • Holiday Observances

Capital Outlay and Transfers
Subject Page
Capital Outlay and Transfers 40

Debt Service
Subject Page
Debt Service 
  • Interest and Costs on Debt
  • Principal on Debt

Other Funds - Revenues and Expenditures
Subject Page
Parking Meter / Parking Operations Fund 42
Community Development Airport 43
Community Development Revolving Loan Program 44
Community Development Conservation Property 45
Community Development Project Inspection Fund 46

Enterprise Funds - Revenues and Expenses
Subject Page
Parks and Recreation Golf Course 47
General Services Arena 48
General Services Water Utility 49
General Services Wastewater Utility 50
General Services Solid Waste 
  • Collection and Disposal
  • Closed Landfill Operation
  • Recycling
  • Pay-As-You-Throw / Refuse
  • Solid Waste Downtown
  • Recycling

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) & Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts
Subject Page
Capital Improvement Program (CIP) & Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts N/A
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Selection and Prioritization of Capital Projects
  • Tax Increment Finance Districts
  • Capital/Operating Budget Integration Chart
  • Capital Project - General (Transfers-in and Appropriations)
  • North End Opportunity Corridor TIF District Detail
  • Sears Block (Capitol Commons) TIF District Detail
  • Penacook Village TIF District Detail
  • Ratios of Long Term Debt Outstanding and Legal Debt Limits
  • Assessed and Estimated Full Value of Real Property
  • Change in Fund Balances, Governmental Funds

Capital Improvement Summary by Fund by Type  N/A
Detail Projects by Funding Source N/A
Detail Project Listing by Program N/A
Capital Improvement Program Detail  N/A

Subject Page
Wage Schedules                                                           N/A
Appendix B - Reductions N/A
Appendix C - Program Request Summary N/A