Trash & Recycling

Trash & Recycling Services

The City of Concord contracts solid waste and recycling services with Casella Waste Systems. Trash and recycling are collected from scheduled areas once each week. Collection occurs Monday through Friday, and through Saturday on holiday weeks. Trash and recycling must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. A recycling bin has been provided for each residence by the City of Concord, but any rigid container is acceptable to be used if it is clearly labeled as recycling. Recycling sticker labels and replacement recycling bins are available at Concord General Services. Purple pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) trash bags must be used if you have curbside collection. Only acceptable materials will be collected. Please remember to only dispose of leaves and grass clippings through the City’s spring and fall leaf collection programs. Do not place leaves or yard waste in trash bags or with your recycling.

Route Collection Map

View our route collection map to find when trash collection is scheduled for your area.

Report A Concern

The City of Concord has partnered with SeeClickFix to launch a new reporting system. Use our online web portal to report an issue (pothole, missed trash collection, illegal dumping, graffiti, damaged street sign, parking concern, snow plowing, and more). Report a concern and learn more at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read our frequently asked questions and answers regarding trash and recycling:

Solid Waste Changes

In this Community Conversations episode, Concord TV interviews the City of Concord on changes in the solid waste industry and how that will soon impact the Concord community. The solid waste industry has faced challenges over recent years regarding recycling, diminished landfill capacity, and increased costs. The City of Concord has been fortunate to not have to face these challenges thanks to its locked-in solid waste contract, but things will change when the City enters into a new contract after this one expires in June 2024. Watch the video above to learn more about what has been changing and how the City is looking ahead to find solutions. 

New Solid Waste Contracts - New Disposal Site and Automated Collection

The City of Concord will be entering into a new 10-year solid waste collection and recycling services contract with Casella and a 10-year disposal contract with WIN Waste Innovations (Wheelabrator Concord Company), effective July 1, 2024.

As part of the 10-year contract for solid waste collection and recycling services with Casella, Casella will procure, deploy, and maintain toters for an orderly transition to automated trash collection by July 1, 2028, after a 2-year pilot program for trial routes by July 1, 2026.

Learn more about the new contracts and changes to come within these resources:

More information will be provided as details become available.

View our Solid Waste FAQs for more information: (REV. 4/18/23).

If you would like to provide any feedback, please email Concord General Services at


Composting is one way to reduce household waste. Compost bins are available for purchase in a limited supply at our Utility Billing Office. Contact Adam Clark at to inquire about purchasing a compost bin. View our poster for more information:

Prevent Recycling Contamination

Any recycling that contains unacceptable materials, such as plastic bags, will be rejected for collection. Recycling will only be collected if it contains acceptable materials. Residents should proactively remove non-recyclable items from their recycling to minimize contaminating loads. Do not use plastic bags to hold recyclables. Recycling materials should be placed loosely in a rigid bin. Even the most minor contaminants entering recycling loads degrade the value of materials, making it difficult or impossible to market. Buyers are lowering their tolerance for contaminants, with the largest contributor being plastic film in the form of plastic grocery bags. This decline in the recycling market is causing trash collectors to become stricter with materials collected. This effort must be made to maintain sustainable recycling markets. Learn more by visiting

Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Trash Program

We encourage residents to produce less trash and to decrease the environmental impact of solid waste by following a unit-based pricing system for trash. The City of Concord’s Pay-As-You-Throw Program (PAYT) requires Concord residents with curbside trash collection to use purple pay-as-you-throw trash bags to offset their costs for solid waste services. PAYT allows residents to be in direct control of how much they pay for their solid waste services based on how much they choose to throw away, rather than having to pay a flat fee for the entire community’s trash disposal. Unit-based pricing systems, such as PAYT, have been proven to reduce trash volumes. Trash tonnage has reduced by 40% in Concord since the PAYT Program began in July 2009. The more materials you recycle, the less items there will be to dispose of in the PAYT bags, which will then save you money towards solid waste services. Find a list of PAYT bag retailer locations and learn more information about the City’s Pay-As-You-Throw Program at