Project Updates

Update 8-5-22:

A new traffic pattern will begin on Monday, August 8, 2022 on Hoit Road as we enter into the final phase of the project. East and west bound traffic on Hoit Road will approach the Whitney Road/Old Boyce Road intersection in a single lane. The intersection will operate as a single lane roundabout with all approaches entering the roundabout operating under a yield condition. This will allow the contractor to construct the approach islands to the roundabout and the concrete center island. The work zone will operate under this traffic pattern through the end of the month. Delays are expected and we recommend you seek alternative routes or approach the intersection slowly and with caution. This work is weather dependent.

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Update 7-1-22:

F.L. Merrill Construction has completed Phase 1 (of 3) of the Hoit Road (US Rt. 4) Roundabout Improvement Project along the north side of Hoit Road. The new traffic pattern for Phase II has been established with two way traffic now shifted to the north side of Hoit Road with through and turning lane designations indicated on the pavement. This will allow the contractor to begin road box widening on the south side of the road (Mobil Gas Station side). This traffic pattern will remain in effect until the third week of July. The contractor will not be working on Monday, July 4, so enjoy the holiday. 

Update 4-29-22:

The contractor will be installing drainage and rebuilding the first few hundred feet of Old Boyce Road early in coming the week. During this time, traffic will be reduced to alternating one lane between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The contractor will then be working behind the concrete barriers along the north side of Hoit Road installing drainage and widening Hoit Road. Two lane traffic will be maintained on Hoit Road, although delays are anticipated so plan accordingly. Please remember to reduce your speed through the construction area. 

Update 4-6-2022: 

F.L. Merrill Construction began work on Hoit Road between the I-93 south bound on ramp and Hannah Dustin Drive. This project is being administered by the City of Concord in coordination with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. Next week the contractor will be installing new drain pipe on Old Boyce Road and Hoit Road between Old Boyce Road and Hanna Dustin Drive. Two way traffic on Hoit Road will continue although motorists will encounter lane shifts in the vicinity of the drainage work. Traffic delays are anticipated. Reduced speed limit postings will be enforced within the construction work zone. 

Update 11-17-2021: 

F.L. Merrill will be fine grading Whitney Road on Monday in preparation for base pavement of the roundabout on Tuesday, weather permitting. Traffic delays will occur during on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we will be installing permanent directional traffic signage for the roundabout which will stay in place over the winter. The roundabout on Whitney Road at the intersection of Merchants Way, together with the new enter/exit to the Mobil station toward the Hoit Road intersection will be paved on Tuesday. Permanent traffic signage and temporary winter striping will occur on Wednesday. Full road opening will occur at the end of the day on Wednesday in advance of the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. There will be no construction activities on Whitney Road on Thursday or Friday. Large tractor trailer vehicles should use the temporary winter access entrance to the Mobil Station fueling facilities to the south of the roundabout.

Update 11-10-2021: 

The contractor will be installing electrical conduit to feed the 2 new street lights at the roundabout on Whitney Road at Merchants Way. Whitney Road will be graded in preparation for paving the week of Nov 22. All large commercial truck traffic shall use the new temporary access road, south of Merchants Way to access the Mobil Station. Traffic will be reduced to alternating one-way on Whitney Road. 

Update 11-4-2021: 

F.L. Merrill has completed the stormwater drainage and water main extension in the vicinity of the future roundabout at the intersection of Merchants Way (future northerly entrance to the Interchange Development Project) and Whitney Road. Early in the week the contractor will widen the road slopes adjacent to the driveway at 2 Concord Crossing to accommodate the future roundabout. Wednesday they will construct a temporary access road south of Merchants Way to accommodate large truck traffic accessing the Mobil site and constructing the northern driveway (toward Hoit Road) to accommodate 2- way traffic for passenger vehicles. Toward the end of the week the pavement on Whitney Road will be removed in advance of constructing the future roundabout at the Merchants Way intersection. Traffic will be limited to one way with flaggers and signage present to direct motorists. 

Update 10-14-2021: 

The contractor FL Merrill Construction Inc. will be installing storm drain pipe in Whitney Road. Motorists may experience traffic delays and encounter alternative one way traffic patterns. 

Update 10-06-2021:

FL Merrill Construction will focus on installing the new storm drainage system on Whitney Road and begin to prepare the road for earthwork operations. At times, traffic may be reduced to alternating one way. 

Update 9-29-2021: 

The contractor, FL Merrill Construction, mobilized on site the week of September 27. Clearing along Hoit and Whitney Road has been completed and traffic control signage installed. During the week of October 4, the contractor will install the erosion / sedimentation control measures on Whitney Road and within the state right of way along Hoit Road (US Route 4). The contractor will finish the week on Whitney Road building up the road shoulder in preparation for drainage work the following week.