Northern Pass in Concord

What you need to know.

What effect will the Northern Pass Transmission Project have on Concord?

While Northern Pass proposes to use an existing transmission corridor through Concord, the scale of the project will have significant visual and aesthetic impacts within the city. An 8-mile stretch of new overhead industrial transmission lines on 100+/- foot towers will bisect Concord. This potentially has more direct impact on more people than in any other location in the state.

What can I do?

This is important. The crucial time to weigh in is now.

The State's Site Evaluation Committee is currently holding hearings on the application for the proposed Northern Pass transmission line. The Site Evaluation Committee will determine whether to approve or deny the application, and under what conditions.

Northern Pass Pass Pole Height

The Committee is made up of representatives of the NH Public Utilities Commission; the NH Departments of Environmental Services, Resources and Economic Development, Transportation, and Cultural Resources; and the public. It holds its meetings in Concord at 49 Donovan Street. It has extended its hearings on the project to the end of 2017 and is scheduled to issue a decision by the end of February 2018.

You can submit written comments by sending them to:

New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee
Pamela G. Monroe, Administrator
21 South Fruit Street, Suite 10
Concord, NH 03301

or by email to Pamela G. Monroe

What is the City of Concord’s position on Northern Pass?

The Concord City Council voted on October 13, 2015 to file intervenor status with the State of New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee relative to the Northern Pass application. The City Council’s position is that the route through Concord should be buried.

City Council member Jennifer Kretovic delivered oral and written testimony to the Committee on August 30. Read the Council's letter to the Committee which summarizes her remarks.

Concord City Council Northern Pass Committee web page

Where is the route through Concord?

The route of Northern Pass is proposed to follow an existing utility transmission line right-of-way, which enters the City of Concord near Brookwood Drive and Fox Run (off Interstate Highway 93, Exit 17).

The proposed Northern Pass transmission line will then cross the intersection of Mountain Road/ Route 132 and Hoit Road before it travels along the easterly side of Mountain Road, where structures are proposed to reach heights of 105 feet and 120 feet.

The route then will pass by Sanborn Road through the City-owned Spears Park Conservation Area; then along Snow Pond Road, Shaker Road and Oak Hill Road, where Northern Pass intends to place a 120-foot-tall structure for the lines to cross Oak Hill Road. More >


In the event the project is approved, how do I protect my tree buffer or view from my home?

If you have concerns about a tree buffer proposed to be removed, or views of structures from your property, it is highly recommended that you contact Northern Pass to discuss your concerns as soon as possible. The Site Evaluation Committee is currently scheduled to issue a decision by the end of February 2018.

We recommend that you contact Northern Pass as soon as possible so that it can review any requests for modifications to the plans before a decision is issued.

Call a Northern Pass project representative at 1-800-286-7305 or send an email at this link.


View video of City staff discussing the proposed Northern Pass route and how citizens can get involved

NEW: View video of the anticipated visual effects of Northern Pass in Concord and abutters' opinions of its effects


View detailed maps of proposed Northern Pass route through Concord (PDF)

View maps of proposed alteration of terrain in Northern Pass Concord route and potential effect on private property tree buffers (PDF)

Is there someone within the City of Concord that I can contact with questions?

Yes. Email Assistant City Planner Beth Fenstermacher, or call her at 225-8515.

How do I stay up to date?

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